9th August 2020

It’s been another good week of work at Levisham and its environs, even though the Station and Weighbridge remain closed to visitors.

At the Down Distant hut, a start has been made on laying a new ‘torch on’ roofing felt system in an effort to keep the shed watertight.  An underfelt and half the top felt has been fitted so far using the heat of the hottest day of the year, so far, to help keep the bitumen soft and sticky.

Two and a quarter miles further north, just beyond the 14 mile post, the next section of collapsed retaining wall against the river has been tackled.  This was not as big a job as that seen on Channel 5’s Yorkshire Steam Railway, but still involves the movement of some big stones.  The wall had been damaged by tree roots, again, and subsequently collapsed – bringing down the side wall of an undertrack culvert.  We got the culvert rebuilt back in February, but the rest of the wall has had to wait until now.  As before, stone had to be retrieved from the river and lifted back into place.

Back at the Station, a box van from the freight train has had both ends and one side sanded/wire wheeled clean, primed, undercoated, and finished in freight brown gloss.  One end of the cattle wagon has also been cleaned down and undercoated.  The remaining half of the GW mink van has also had its coat of undercoat applied.  Great Western grey gloss has been supplied by the Wagon Group to finish off the van.

The two ‘dolls’ of the bracket signal opposite the signal box have been cleaned down and repainted, completing the whole signal – the latter having been painted last month.

Gardening continues with the cutting of all the dead rose heads along the platforms, along with the clearing of weeds from the stone setts around the weigh table at the yard entrance.

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