12th, 13th September 2020

The sun and warmth continued here at Levisham.

The east side of the BR brake van has been sanded, primed, undercoated, and topcoated; leaving just the few rotten planks to replace.  The rest of the GW Mink has also had its first coat of gloss applied.

The turntable castings have had more rusty bolts driven/hammered out and some of the scale on the plates chipped off.  The Station yard has had the top half weeded, smartening the appearance for our visitors.  All the grass around the Station has had its weekly cut.

South of the Station, the lineside fence renewal continues with another 8 posts and associated rails fitted by the JVs.  All the post holes to complete the job have also been bored ready.

Down the line the scrub and tree stumps have been brought down to Platelayers for disposal, along with the cut branches there.  We have also taken delivery of several loads of stone and rocks, moved by the Junior Volunteers, from the new Stape Volunteer Accommodation site as they needed clearing from the camping field.  This stone will help with the continued retaining wall repairs.

Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend, with plenty of drinks, snacks, and ice creams sold.

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