19th 20th September 2020

After a lovely warm Saturday, Sunday has had drizzle on and off all day.

Just beyond the 14 mile post (north of the Station) work on cleaning back, repairing, and removing trees from the retaining wall continues.  Several large tree stumps have been removed, but not without a struggle.  Several old fence posts and bits of fence rail have also been dug out of the top of the wall.  These post tops are roughly at ballast level, an indication of how much the land has been built up over the last century or so – they should be 4’ above ballast level!

Further north, at the No Sheep hut, the guttering has been completed and the downpipe now discharges into the water container there.  This should keep it topped up ready for when it’s needed.

South of the Station the JVs have continued replacing the fence, with just 7 posts now left to install to complete that section.

At the Station itself, the black gloss has been applied to the buffer beams of the brake van and most of the second coat of gloss has been applied to the GW Mink wagon.  The great cut back of the roses has commenced, with all the old growth cut back and the new branches for next year tied onto the fence.  Weeding and tidying up of the road approach to the Station and the yard itself has continued, as has the grass cutting.  The last wicket gate has finally been repainted and is nearly ready for hanging.

Weighbridge Teas have reintroduced bacon butties; which sold especially well today due to it being cooler!

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