5th, 6th September 2020

Well, it’s been another good week with mostly pleasant weather.

The cattle wagon and box vans have had their gloss paint applied, completing the wagons except where a few sections of rot remain.  These are now awaiting replacement planks fitting.  The west side and south end of the Standard BR brake van have been primed, undercoated and top coated.  The GW Mink has also come in for the paint treatment, with most of it now in GW dark grey.

On the lineside another 20 fence posts have been installed, along with their associated rails, thanks to more help from the Junior Volunteers.  The rotten fencing has all come back to the Station for sorting/disposal.

Further north, just beyond the 14 mile post, we have returned to continue rebuilding the retaining wall.  Several tree trunks and roots had to be dug out; one of which was huge.  These trunks had caused the wall to collapse, so we had to start again down at river level.  There is an awful lot of old ash and ballast on the top of this wall – this is going to have to be removed, so it looks like another night job in the future!

In the General Room, the last wicket gate has now been painted – up to and including its first top coat.  In the Yard, the car parking markings have been painted white to aid vehicles parking neatly alongside the fencing.

Weighbridge Teas had a quieter weekend compared to last, but their wares are still appreciated by all their customers.

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