10th, 11th October 2020

Well, the rain has eased compared to last weekend – just intermittent drizzle this time.

South of the Station the JVs continue working on the fence, with the next section dismantled and the material brought back to the Station for sorting into good and firewood.  At the far end the old gateposts to the lineside crossing have been dug out (one with a shovel!), and replacement posts sourced and installed on the fence line.  The fencing across the culvert bridge has been dismantled and post holes bored ready for new posts.  Further scrub has also been burnt as part of clearing the lineside there.

The roses have come in for more attention this weekend, as they still needed pruning and tying back ready for the next season.  Weeding around the Station paths and roadways has also continued.

In the paint shop many miscellaneous metalwork parts, including the two large shelf panels, have been undercoated and then top coated.  The buffer beams of the repainted wagons also received a coat of black gloss.  As part of the wagon spares reorganisation, the metal shelving has been moved into the shock van and rebuilt in a new configuration – ready to receive the stores again.  A toilet door has been sticking shut, necessitating the occupants having to be ‘rescued’ from outside; so it has been taken down, adjusted, and rehung.  Users can now use the toilet in sanitised safety!

North of the 14MP, the retaining wall has been raised using the recovered stone from the river, and at Stape, along a 60’ length – restoring it to its correct height.  We are now out of building stone so it looks like the next 60’ length will have to be raised using gabion baskets and stone rubble. 

Weighbridge Teas are still open at weekends, with a wide variety of hot and cold wares to tempt passing visitors.

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