24th, 25th October 2020

Overall it’s been a very pleasant weekend of weather – bar late Saturday afternoon when it persisted down!

The JVs have been installing more ‘new’ recycled fencing south of the Station.  The old rotten fencing has been brought back to the Station for disposal.  More of the cut scrub has been burnt on site.  More scale has been chipped off the wagon turntable castings.  Inside the container, new shelving brackets have been welded to the end wall.  A pitched roof frame has been made ready for fitting to the container.  We will be using some of our insulated roof panels to keep the container dry.

The new digger has been out for trials and seems to perform very well.  A canvas cover is being made to keep it protected when it’s not stored in its container.

Around the Station, weeding of the ash continues, as does the pruning of the roses.  Some further daffodil bulbs have been planted in the platform beds. A new timber manhole cover has been made to complete one of the lineside cross track turning chambers.

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