28th, 29th November 2020

Well, it’s been the big burn up this weekend.  The huge amount of scrub and tree stumps dumped at Platelayers Crossing have been burnt this weekend.  The scrub cut down in August, alongside the river there, has also come in for the same treatment.

Along the access track from Platelayers to the 14MP the roadway edge has been levelled off with our mini digger and the bankside tidied up, allowing road vehicles to proceed along it at a safe distance from the track.  This job was started last March but was not completed due to the first Lockdown.

A large pile of ash and stone, which has been dumped at Platelayers since the track was relaid there a few years ago, has been loaded into the dumper and brought to the Station for re-use.  This has finally left a tidy, level site here.  Near the Fogmans Hut at the Distant signal the high land has been levelled and the fire fighting water butt has been sited here.  Like the No Sheep Hut, we plan to fit small guttering around the hut roof to help fill the butt and screen it with timber palings. In readiness for Christmas, a pine tree has been brought off the lineside to the front of the cottages, erected in the garden and decorated with lights and baubles

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