17th January 2021

It’s been nice and quiet here this week, as it should be in Lockdown.

The fourth Palvan door’s framing has been put together.  Several old part screw holes in the frames (from chair screws) have been cut out and new hardwood timber pieces glued into place.

Near bridge 17 more scrub has been cut down and a start made on burning the brash.  The latter was slow going because the wood was wet and frosty.  The snow of last week melted eventually, but more came on Thursday morning.  This snow was wet and heavy – we woke up to find a very large branch had come off the tree at the cattle grid.  We pulled it clear of the road to allow the snow plough to get through. 

The Class 25, hauling the boiler and new tubes for Black 5 44806, came through from Grosmont late morning.  The loco is off by road for tyre turning, whilst the boiler is off for an overhaul elsewhere.  They were also delayed because a tree had come down between the 13¾ and 14 mile posts.  It was foul of the line as well as resting on the telephone line.  The crew pushed the brash out of the way and then, when they arrived at Levisham, requested we go and deal with it.  So – with chain and pole saws to the fore -we removed the rest of the tree, clear of the track and off the phone line.  With snow still on the ground we have left the cutting up of the remainder until it melts, as it’s very slippery out there at present.

At the Station the large branch has been cut up, along with other trees which had been dragged over by the snow.

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