14th February 2021

It’s been a white week, with 4-5” of snow covering the whole Station.  The level crossing and paths had to be cleared several times to maintain safe walking routes.  The main road was ploughed and gritted by the local farmers, who are contracted by the council to do so.  Not surprisingly sledging occurred on the hill above the Station on several afternoons, once school and work were finished!

With the imminent arrival of the LNER box van from Pickering we were informed that the doors were past their best (indeed one has collapsed already).  Fortunately there was still a hardwood sleeper in store, so this was used to make the framing for the first door.  The second was made from the spare hardwood pieces from the Palvan manufacturing process.

New 6” planking has been ordered, and delivered, for the van doors and a few spares for the end.  These planks have been given a coat of liquid primer/preservative.

In the yard a couple of old trailer chassis are being dismantled and the useable steel put to one side.

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