21st February 2021

The snow rapidly melted on Monday and it’s been remarkably mild for the rest of the week.
The two LNER doors have been completed and painted into LNER dark grey livery. The loose metalwork for the broken door, and the loose door wheel from the remaining door, have been brought back to the Station to be stripped, wire wheeled clean, and given two coats of primer.
Three Palvan doors are now complete up to undercoat level and have the new fillets fitted where the diagonals meet the verticals, in the hope that this will stop the water rotting the joints. Two more of these doors have received two coats of Brunswick Green top coat and are now ready to go on to the Paint Shop van.
At bridge 16 the last of the scrub on the East side has been cut down – revealing the river and embankment. Several small fallen trees across the river have been pulled clear and cut up. Several trips with the dumper were required to remove the logs from site. Two more fires have been lit to dispose of the scrub between the river and railway that we cut down a month ago.
The mini digger has been checked, the radiator flushed out and several slightly loose hydraulic oil joints have been tightened up. A replacement alternator – the original one was broken – has been delivered free of charge by the seller and installed. The new battery cables for the dumper truck have also been installed and the truck successfully started up.

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