21st March 2021

The limited works still continue at the Station.  Northwards, around bridges 16 and 17, the last of the logs have been disposed of and further fires have dealt with the scrub.  The lineside fence is 50:50; half is good and only needed the odd rail either re-fixing or replacing but the other half needs totally replacing.  We are using pre-loved fencing materials recovered from other renewal jobs nearby.

At the Station, work has continued on the LNER box van.  Both sides and the north end are now in top coat and both new doors are hung in place.  The north east corner frame repair has gone well with new hardwood let in.  The lettering is different on each side – the east being pre 1937 with large ‘N’ and ‘E’ and the number on the door, whilst the west side is post 1937 with ‘NE’, the weight and number below it, on the left hand lower corner.

The 6 new Palvan doors have now been completed and are ready for hanging.

South of the Station the lineside has been given a good flail using our mini digger with its flail attachment.  We have managed to get about a mile southwards.

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