28th March 2021

The major repairs of the LNER van are virtually complete. The south end framing has been renewed with new hardwood framing; this has allowed the replacement planks, re-used from the old doors, to be screwed into place.  The timber underframe sides have also been cleaned down and repainted.

Around bridges 16 and 17, the east side fence has been rebuilt – thanks to a lot of new fence rails and posts.  The team have continued working southwards with the next quarter mile checked and repaired.  Where the oak trees fell through the fence, the smashed fence posts have been dug out and the old rails removed for either re-use or burning.  All our remaining pre-loved fence posts and rails have been transferred to site to try and make the fence sheep proof.

The oak tree trunks have been lifted and brought back to the Station.  We hope to use these to make framing parts for the wagons.

In the yard, the stores alongside the boundary fence have been rationalised and tidied up a touch.  There is more to do here.  Light weeding has been undertaken along the up platform garden beds and around the Weighbridge gardens.

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