7th March 2021

We’ve had a colder week, with a touch of snow on the ground on Friday morning!

The fourth Palvan door has had its coat of gloss.  Three main beams have been made for the next two doors.  The fourth beam, plus the cross beams, will have to wait until more hardwood is delivered.

On Wednesday afternoon Martyn Cannings delivered the LNER box van from Pickering as part of his lineside check.  The van has been parked outside the General Room to enable the west side to be repainted.  This side is in good condition and has therefore been rubbed down, the metalwork wire wheeled and then the wood primed, the metalwork given two coats of primer, and then two undercoats and two coats of dark grey satin top coat.

The east side door was rotten and literally hanging on by a thread so was easily dismantled; the west side door had already collapsed.  The metalwork from the door has been cleaned down and two coats of primer applied.  Both new doors have had their internal faces top coated in white.

Further down the line, between bridges 16 and 17, it’s been a good weekend for fires with several used to dispose of a lot of scrub.  More firewood has been cleared from the site and across the river and disposed of locally.

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