11th April 2021

It’s been a cold week with a bitter wind coming down the valley.  To top it all off we awoke to find 1” of snow covering everything.  It looked very pretty, but by lunchtime it had all melted.

Further test trains have run all week.

The last of the Palvan framing has been cut out of a hardwood sleeper, and a start made on making the tenons.  The timber blanks and new marine ply sheets have been given a coat of primer.

The JVs were out yesterday repairing more fencing north of bridge 17.  They got as far as Pitt Farm but a section surrounded by water had to be left until they can return in wellies.

In the Station Yard, the container has been moved from near the Camping Coach to its new site next to the shed in the yard.  This was made possible thanks to the location crew bringing a hi-ab down to the Station for their use.  Now the container is in its permanent site, the previously made roof sections have been brought out of store and a start made on fitting the pent (single slope) roof.  The snow prevented its completion today.

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