25th April 2021

Well, what a fortnight! 

As many of you will now be aware, we have had a major film company down here shooting the next big blockbuster.  None of the actual filming was at the Station, but either side as far as Newtondale Halt and Farwath.  The yard has however been full of trucks, cars, canteens and toilets; and the field next to the railway was used for three of their helicopters.  Shooting was successfully completed on Friday and most of the gear had gone that evening.  Quite a few visitors came on Saturday only to find it had all gone!

We did manage to get some work done last weekend and this though.  The roof on the container has been completed and a start made on boxing in the sides.  The plywood for the new Palvan doors has been under and top coated on both sides.  The park bench from Newtondale Halt has been brought back and given a good sand down.

At Newtondale Halt itself, the damaged deck planks which are not suitable for re-use there have been brought back to the Station.  We hope to use them to clad them container.  The steel frame for the Halt has had the top flanges wire wheeled clean and half of it painted (we ran out of time and paint for the other half).

The Tea Hut team were here this weekend to continue the sort out of the Cart stores and the Weighbridge.  The Waiting Shelter has been given a thorough wash down and clean out, returning it to its normal state following its use as a timber workshop this winter.

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