5th April 2021

I hope you have all had a Happy Easter and not overdone the chocolate!

It’s been a mixed week of weather here; with very warm days, cold wind, and even snow today!

Filming test trains and inspection trains have continued to run all week as and when required.

Elsewhere the JVs are continuing the mammoth job of trying to make the eastern lineside fence secure from sheep.  The large section missing where the oak trees fell has finally been completed, but Messers Heath and Robinson would be impressed with their ingenuity as we have exhausted all our supplies of fencing at the Station!  They will continue working north next weekend.

At the Station the last of the LNER box van body and timber underframe has been painted into LNER dark grey.  One of the Wagon Group’s box vans has also had the paint touched up, now that they have repaired the rotten sections.  Our paint shop Palvan has had the steel door framing undercoated (3 coats) and is ready for top coat once the weather warms up.  A start has been made cutting out the hardwood timber for the next 2 Palvan doors.

The last of the flailing has been completed between the Station and Bridge 13, 1¼ miles south.  Our flail made light work of it, compared to us having to use chainsaws and loppers.  There are a few stumps still waiting to be dealt with, but we have to leave something for next weekend!

Near the loop points southwards the river has been creeping towards the fence line.  To reinforce this area soil, delivered to the yard, has been transported to site in our dumper and the digger has spread and levelled it all.  With this work complete we can now get the JVs to finish the fence there.

At the yard entrance the road edges have been cleared of winter leaves and detritus, smartening up the edges.  The daffodils are in flower here and all looks rather smart.  The down platform garden beds have been given a quick tidy up following the up side last weekend.

In the yard the stores along the fence line have been tidied up and consolidated.  This has been done to clear the area, which was then levelled ready to receive the container.  This will go alongside the existing shed and will be eventually clad in timber to help it blend in.

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