22nd, 23rd May 2021

Although there’s been no sun it has kept dry all weekend, which has helped us at the Station.

The toilet van has had the bodywork completed, with 2 coats of satin top coat applied all round.  This has allowed the sheets to come off apart from the one over the doors.  This sheet will have to remain until we get the new doors built and fitted.  The JVs have helped to wire wheel the underframe to remove the rusty areas, which was then given a coat of primer and part even received a coat of grey undercoat.

The GW Mink wagon has also had its sheeting removed and just a single sheet fitted over the roof.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can get the roof sheet replaced and the final sheet can be removed.

In the Yard, welding has continued on the new trailer for the digger.  The main work is now complete with just the steel ramps to make now.  The JVs have been busy ‘threading’ thin plywood strips through the metal security fencing to help screen the stores here.

North of the level crossing large amounts of brash have been burnt by the JVs.  They have also been working south of the Station, making a new short fence across the lineside ditch at an occupation crossing.  They have also finished moving the point rodding recovered by the S&T down the line and into store.

The dry weather has allowed us to get the grass cut, again; it hasn’t half grown a lot this week thanks to all the rain.

We have given all the windows on the Camping Coach a good clean and scraped off the loose paint on it.  The area around it has also been given a good weed.

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