3rd May 2021

It’s raining so it must be a Bank Holiday!

We took delivery of the disabled toilet box van from Goathland last Monday afternoon.  Externally it’s in quite a state; all four doors are rotten and require replacement, whilst the rest of the body needs a clean and a repaint.  There is also rot in some of the ply panels, but we might get away with filler on those.  This weekend we made a start to smarten the van up before train services begin.  Both ends have been wire wheeled clean and 2 coats of metal primer applied where needed.  The west side metalwork received the same treatment, whilst the ply has been sanded down, primed and undercoated.  The small damaged ply sections have been covered in filler.

The recovered planks from Newtondale Halt have been sorted and the old bolts removed.  The good/re-useable planks have been stacked and sheeted over to keep them dry.  The wholly rotten ones have been placed to one side for disposal.

Work to modify the old trailer for use as a mini digger transporter continues, the axle position has been checked and the axle is ready for welding in its new position.

The two complete Palvan doors for the paint shop have had their inside faces given a coat of white under and top coats.

The three 12’ platform benches which needed repair or new seat planks last year, and were repainted during lockdown, have been fixed together and put back on the down platform.

The Weighbridge has been given a tidy up in advance of new food being delivered ready for re-opening on the 15th.  The till has been updated and programmed with the new price list for this year.

120 new fence rails were delivered on Friday afternoon and the JVs moved them up the line with the PW trolley on Saturday.  These are being used to help repair and strengthen the east side lineside fence from the 14 ¼MP northwards.  Work has concentrated around the 14 ½ MP this weekend, with around 100y completely rebuilt.

The park bench for Newtondale Halt has been given a second coat of teak oil and delivered by train back to site.  In exchange the damaged 12’ platform bench was returned to Levisham for repair and repaint on the southbound working today.

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