8th, 9th May 2021

It rained all day Saturday but today has been lovely – dry and warm.

The Station is slowly coming back to life in readiness for the start of passenger services next weekend.  After 18 months use as a workshop the General Room has been cleared of materials.  The LEVISHAM entrance board has been refixed on its concrete posts at the Yard entrance and the notice board has been fixed to the front of the Gents. The Palvan framing and ply have been relocation to the woodwork shop.  The General Room was then dusted, vacuumed, washed, and the carpet lifted to reveal the varnished wooden floor.  The paint on the ceiling, walls, and woodwork has been touched up where required.  It now looks quite smart again and ready to welcome our passengers!

Both platforms have been swept clean and de weeded along the edges. The area around the level crossing has had similar titivation.

The large notice board in the Yard has had its “Welcome to Levisham Station” notice refixed to it.  As we are still in the throes of Covid 19, hand sanitiser points have been fitted at the entrance to each platform and near the Weighbridge.

Talking of the Weighbridge, they are looking forward to re-opening next weekend and welcoming back all their customers after such a long break.

On the toilet van, the first layer of filler has been gently sanded ready for a second top layer to be applied.  The east side has been wire wheeled clean and given a coat of primer, followed by half of it getting its first coat of drab undercoat.  Both ends have been given a second undercoat.  In readiness for replacing all four doors, measurements have been taken and drawings prepared to allow new hardwood framing to be cut out of a railway sleeper.  More tenons have been prepared on the Palvan horizontal framing beams, not many more to do now.

The ash in front of the container doors has been dug out and old rubber level crossing panels installed to provide a clean turning area for the digger.  Opposite this, near the fence, one of the drain chamber lids had caved in when a large loaded lorry drove over it.  This has been removed and a heavy cast iron road frame and cover installed in its place.

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