12th, 13th June 2021

What glorious weather we are having at present -long may it continue!

The offside Palvan doors on the green van have been fitted and trimmed where required.  Fresh wood primer has been applied where we had to cut it to fit.  The west side doors of the disabled van have been removed (they were rotten) and the steel hinges have been wire wheeled clean and repainted. The first pair of new doors for this van have been assembled and painted up to first top coat.

The gardens are looking good, with the red poppies out at present.  New Painted Sage seedlings have been planted around the Weighbridge and we are looking forward to another stunning display this year.  The grass cutting continues…..

Weighbridge Teas had a busy day yesterday but today has been relatively quiet (perhaps everyone has been at the coast enjoying the sun?).

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