19th, 20th June 2021

The sun continues to shine at Levisham, regardless of what the forecast said.

The first pair of doors for the toilet van have been trimmed and fitted onto the west side.  It took several trips to and from the van to get it all trimmed correctly.  They look at lot better than the originals that are still hanging on the other side.  The new green Palvan doors on the yard side have had their edges painted up to top coat, sealing them to keep out the water.

The roadside grass has been tidied up and the mole holes filled with spare soil.  More seedlings have been planted near the Weighbridge and given a good watering in.  Grass cutting continues…

The Junior Volunteers have recovered a large trespass notice from south of the Station, as the post it was on is rotten.  A new post will be made before the whole notice gets planted again.

In the Yard the JVs have completed the new garden edging, then laid the ground membrane and topped it off with gravel.

Weighbridge Teas have been open again and a steady run of visitors ensured they were kept reasonably busy.

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