26th, 27th June 2021

After a wet Friday evening, whilst I was on the Diner shift in the signal box, the weekend kept dry and warm.

The door closing furniture has been fitted to both the Palvan and Toilet Van doors, allowing both sets to be closed correctly.  The metalwork furniture was given a wire wheel and repaint first.

The recovered planks from Newtondale Halt have had the rotten sections cut off them and the planks stacked with spacers in to allow them to dry thoroughly.

The JVs have been here again today.  The new display area at the yard entrance has been completed and is now ready for the artifacts to be installed shortly.  Strimming has been done on the lineside north of the level crossing and alongside the ditch against the road.

Inside the Gents, a leaking joint in the water supply to the toilet cistern has been repaired and is now dry.

The 3 garden planters next to the level crossing has been cleared of weeds and new seedlings planted out. They have been given a good watering in and we hope for a good display in due course.

Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend, with bacon butties and ice creams selling well.

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