5th, 6th June 2021

The sun continues to, mostly, shine on Levisham.

The 8th and final Palvan door has been completed – hurrah!  They now just need fitting so a start has been made, with the first door being fitted to the Yard side of the green palvan.  We have also begun making the 8 doors for the toilet and shock vans; we are again using hardwood sleepers to make the framing.  The bauxite vans in the siding have had further numbering and lettering applied to them all.

The JVs have been busy at the Station again.  In the yard entrance the lineside speed board display area is being improved, with the weeds removed and new edging and stone chippings laid.  The new lineside fence, south of the Station, has had two strands of barbed wire fixed to it.

Weeding of the gardens has continued, with some new plants added this weekend.  The poppies are just beginning to flower, and they should put on a good display this year.  The grass is growing rapidly at the moment so weekly cutting is the order at present.  The long grass around the paddock and next to the roadside stream has also been strimmed down.

The ‘Whistle’ board at the south end of the Station has been cleaned down, primed, double undercoated, and given one coat of white top coat.  Further south, the ‘Trespass’ notice has been de-rusted, primed, and undercoated.

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