17th, 18th July 2021

Cor wot a scorcher of a weekend!

The fourth, and final, Palvan door has been hung and adjusted to give a good fit against its partner.  The toilet van interior door face has been completed, sealed, and given several coats of paint.

We are supporting the installation of the fibre cable between Levisham and Goathland.  Along with laying out the cable, we have been using our digger to install the large joint boxes (known as Stakka boxes) near Platelayers and the 15MP.  We have also dug in the cable through the roadways at Platelayers and Kidstye Farm.  It was a good test for our new trailer, which was admirably hauled by the dumper to site.

The General Room floor has been given a good sand down, followed by 2 coats of satin varnish.  Weeding of the garden beds continues and the roses are still in full bloom on both platforms. 

Weighbridge Teas were again busy, with ice creams being very popular.

The JVs have been here again, industriously installing the new fencing north of the Station.  Two old gateposts, which were rotten, have been dug out – all 4’ deep by 18” square bases.  A pair of pre-loved railway sleepers have been used to make new hinge and gate posts.  The repainting of the speed restriction signs continues.

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