24th, 25th July 2021

It’s been thankfully cooler this weekend after last weekend’s high temperatures.

The fourth door for the green Palvan has been fully bolted up, masticed, and the door catch bolted into place.  It now awaits a final touch up of top coat and the reinstallation of the insulation sheet on the door interior to keep it warm inside the van during the winter as it’s our paint store.

The third door for the toilet van has been screwed and glued together, with filler over the screw holes.  This is now ready for painting.  The framing for the fourth and final door has been cut out of hardwood sleepers and is now ready for putting together.

Grass cutting and gardening continues; the roses are still in bloom and looking splendid.

Weighbridge Teas started slowly on Saturday morning with few visitors but by lunchtime trade had returned to ‘normal’ and they were in full swing.

In readiness for more digging in of Stakka boxes on the lineside, on Sunday evening road stone was taken along the forest drive access road to fill in the pot holes.  The pole saw was also used to trim back overhanging branches which were touching the vehicles.  Sunday evening saw us working in Northdale installing said fibre connection box, along with improving the foot crossing there.  Lineside scrub was also cleared to improve sighting there.

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