3rd, 4th July 2021

We had a trip out on Saturday to Watton, where a grounded box van was awaiting our attention.  We have dismantled the steelwork in sections, using our 110v grinders and a generator, and brought it back to the Station on the back of the MPD pick up truck.  This will provide some useful spares for the future.  We may use one end to make another seat end, similar to the coach end on the Up platform. 

The JVs were kept busy whilst we were away, strimming and moving fencing materials onto site for the next section north west of the Station.  In the Yard the new stoned display area has had some of the items moved into place, including a pair of very heavy Whitby & Pickering stone sleeper blocks.

On Sunday, the truck was unloaded and the rusty box van bolts were cut off to allow the steel sections to be cleaned and stored easily. 

The internal ply facing to the new toilet van doors has been cut, fitted, and screwed into place and painted.  The War Department number for the green Palvan has been painted on the van’s Yard side.

Weighbridge Teas had another busy weekend – although trade did finish early on Saturday afternoon for some reason?  Pat, one of the team, celebrated her 85th birthday with cake and cards on Saturday.

Work on the gardens continues, both platforms have had their beds given a good weed, removing a lot of grass that was growing where it shouldn’t.  The new seedlings are settling in well and have been given regular watering.  The planters next to the Booking Office are doing well thanks to regular maintenance and the bushes in the yard have had another trim.

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