14ht, 15th, 21st, 22nd August

Another fortnight has passed so quickly, but still the work goes on!

In the paint shop van, the first of the two doors has had the insulation panels fitted to the inside of it, with the edges trimmed with timber to keep it all secure.

The digger has come back to the Station for a service.  The new rubber tracks have been fitted to one side following, an overhaul of the components underneath.  The other side is waiting for a new idler wheel and fittings, as the bearing on the old one has disintegrated.  The oil and hydraulic oils are being checked and may get replaced whilst we are on with all this.  New filters will be fitted as a matter of course.

On the toilet van both east side doors are now fitted and two of the three holes for the door opening metalwork have been chiselled out and primed.  Not much more to do on this now.

We have been helping the Wagon Group fit the brake gear to their shock van in readiness for it going into the Gala freight train.  The north end of their brake van has also had the planking removed and the framework behind cleaned down, with rotten wood removed and scale on the metalwork chipped off.  New hardwood framing pieces has been made to replace the rotten pieces and will be screwed into place shortly.

We have been to Stape to recover a park bench and notice board from outside the old village hall (which was demolished several years ago).  These have come back to the Station for an overhaul and will be reinstated outside the Railway’s new Stape accommodation.

Weighbridge Teas had a cracking weekend, helped unfortunately by the failure of a train elsewhere on the line which meant the train stood here had a lot of thirsty passengers on board who all headed to the Weighbridge for sustenance!

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