30th, 31st July, 7th, 8th August

It’s been a busy fortnight at the Station and elsewhere.

The mini digger has been at work in the evenings at Kidstye, completing the tidying of the cable route from there to bridge 18.  Southwards from there the lineside was flailed so the required route of the fibre cable can be seen for another quarter of a mile.  The first 200 yards of the route was then dug, the cable installed, and backfilled.

Back at the Station, the trailer for the mini digger has had a minor repair and is ready for more service now.  We have been given a bunded fuel tank to allow us to have a diesel store for the digger, as we have a lot of work to do this winter digging in all the fibre.  This has been set up in the yard and is behind fencing and will be screened from public view.  A trench has been dug between the yard shed and container ready to install a power cable.

The fourth and final door for the disabled toilet van has been made, glued, screwed, and filled.  A couple of coats of undercoat have been applied, along with the first top coat.  The four hinges for the east side of the van have been wire wheeled clean and given a couple of coats of metal primer.  The drop bolt for the green Palvan door has been fitted, with a pair of holes through the horizontal beams necessary to line it up.

Weighbridge Teas have been ‘steady away’ this weekend, after a full 9 days of service keeping the JVs in drinks and food as part of the JV activities the previous week.  In between trade they have even had time to begin dead heading the roses!

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