W/E 30th August 2021

The brakevan repairs are continuing, with the renewal of the north end planking and the repainting of most of the steel grab handles.  The rotten planks on the east side are being steadily replaced.  The disabled toilet van east side door closing steelwork has been fitted once a final adjustment was made of the doors so they would close tightly.  Underneath, the wheelsets ‘W’ irons and axle boxes have been wire wheeled down, primed, undercoated and given a top coat of black gloss.  The tyre rims have been picked out in white gloss for that extra special finish.  Externally it is now virtually complete.

The Broadhead family have repainted most of the shock van bodywork, whilst we have tidied up the lettering edges on all vans.  Hopefully all these vans will be in the gala freight in a few weeks’ time.

The insulation panel has been fitted to the final paint shop Palvan door, complete with a timber frame.

Following the receipt of the spare parts, the mini digger has been put back together and is now complete with its new tracks.

Weighbridge Teas have had another very busy weekend.  On Sunday morning a large group of cyclists arrived, all wanting bacon butties and drinks – all before 9:30 in the morning!

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