11th, 12th September 2021

On the brake van new hardwood framing was cut and fitted to the south end veranda base, before the new planking was screwed into place on the inside face.  The screw holes have all been filled and the new plywood sheet for the floor there has been cut and trimmed to fit.  The edges have been treated with wood preservative.

The noticeboard and park bench for Stape Outstation have had their upper faces treated with another coat of teak oil.  A new piece of plywood has been cut and similarly treated for the back of the noticeboard.  Once the teak oil had dried off, the ply – along with 3 new pieces of fibre board – was fixed into place.  The noticeboard is now ready to return to Stape. A pair of recovered metal gate posts have been wire wheeled clean.

The lineside grass north and south of the Station has been given a cut to keep it neat and tidy.  Where the mower couldn’t reach the strimmer has been put to use.  The edges of the paddock were also given a good strim.

We have had a large fire today to dispose of the old van doors, rotten planks from Newtondale Halt, and gardening rubbish.  The area north of the huts is now a lot neater ready for the gala. All the bar accoutrements have also been checked, cleaned, and prepared for use in our Womble Inn beer tent at the upcoming steam gala

Weighbridge Teas have been busy again.  They are also planning how much they need to order to be ready for the 4 days of the Steam Gala.

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