4th, 5th September 2021

Work on the brake van is coming to an end.  The new steel bracing plates have been fixed into place and painted.  The cover strip has been similarly treated on the south end veranda, whilst the last of the handrails and bars have all been painted in white gloss.  The ply panel on the inside of the south veranda was well past its best and has been removed.  If anyone fancies a 1000 piece ply jigsaw, please get in touch!  Once the ply was gone the lower timber beam could be removed, again in 1000 very wet pieces.  This area will be left for a week to dry out before new hardwood framing is reinstated.

In readiness for the big shunt during gala weekend the timber stored underneath our stock has been moved and sorted, to ensure the wagons can safely pass along the siding.

A recovered hardwood point timber has been cut up to make 2 ‘blank’ timber baulks for the end uprights of our NER vans.  Further planing will be required to taper the beams from 4” square down to 3”x4” at the top.

The service of the digger is just about complete, with new or cleaned filters fitted as necessary.  This should stand it in good stead for the all the winter digging we have planned.

Work on tying back all the roses continues, as does general weeding along the platforms and around the weigh table and weighbridge.

Talking of the Weighbridge, they have again had a cracking weekend – with lots of visitors wanting to sample their wares.

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