16th, 17th October 2021

Autumn is definitely here, with damp mornings and mist in the valley all day.

The black Palvan has received its second brown undercoat.  Minor filling of holes in the panels where screws were removed has also been done.  The first coat of late BR bauxite gloss has been applied to one side and both ends.

In the Yard, the rest of the digger trailer has been wire-wheeled clean and given a coat of primer.  The dumper has had a rear spotlight fitted as well.  The Junior Volunteers have dug the short trench for the drain from the toilet van to the main ‘sewer’.  Hopefully we can install the chamber next weekend.

In our storage shed north of the level crossing, new shelving has been fitted in No. 5.  This was started last summer but the reintroduction of the restrictions had put a halt to this!

Weighbridge Teas are still doing well, indeed they ran out of hot pasties today the demand was so high.  Just two more weekends left before they close for the season now, doesn’t time fly!

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