23rd, 24th October 2021

We’ve had one dry and one damp day this weekend.

Following the excavation of the trench for the toilet van drainage last weekend, the existing drain was broken into and a new chamber inserted.  From this, a new drain was laid to the toilet van and connected to it.  The chamber was capped with concrete before a cast iron cover and frame were fitted.  The new drain was also covered with concrete, due to its shallow depth, before the trenches were refilled.

The black Palvan has now received a second coat of bauxite gloss to all four sides.  The west side door metalwork has also been wire wheeled clean and given a coat of primer.

The dumper trailer underside and interior have been sprayed with waxoil to help protect the steelwork.  The outside faces will be painted yellow to match the dumper.

Weighbridge Teas were open for their penultimate session of this season and again were kept busy with visitors and a contingent from the DMU when it was held here for a short time in the morning.

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