2nd, 3rd October 2021

It’s been the calm after the storm that was last weekend’s great gala.

The Junior Volunteers helped us pack away all the bar accoutrements and beer tent into the paddock store, with the strong wind in the morning drying out all the tent sheets following the heavy morning dew.

A start has been made on repainting the black Palvan now it has been sheeted over to keep it dry.  The west side and north end have been sanded down and the metalwork wire wheeled clean.  Metal primer has been applied to the cleaned down framing and a start made on priming the wood panels.

With the heavy rain on Saturday afternoon the opportunity was taken to begin dismantling the interior of the toilet van ready, for its refurbishment.  The interior door fames have been carefully dismantled, as has the old heating equipment and switches.  The exterior door adjustments have been completed, with the bolts cut back to the correct length.  The paintwork has been touched up where required.

Lucie is still with us and a couple of JVs have been polishing the copper pipework to keep her looking smart.  Piglet himself has been down to check up on her.  No doubt she will be off when he has time to move her.

The dumper truck now sports new headlights, which will be particularly useful now the nights are drawing in.  Further wire wheeling continues on the trailer, again thanks to the JVs, whilst timber planks have been cut and trimmed to go in the front end of the deck.

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