9th, 10th October 2021

We’ve had another great weekend of weather, even if it now gets chilly overnight.

We were sorry to say “goodbye” to Lucie on Saturday morning.  It was great having, and using, her over the gala and we look forward to seeing her next year.  Piglet and the loco crews certainly enjoyed themselves down at our Station, we just need to get that pit built now!

Work has concentrated on the black Palvan, with both sides and ends primed (in the case of the metalwork two coats) and then into its first undercoat.  Having scaffolding all round it does make life easier, even if we have to adjust the decks height wise to do the top and bottom.

In the yard, following the success of the lights on the dumper, a second light has been fitted to our mini digger arm so there is now one on each side.  We had noticed, when we were digging for the fibre cable in July, that at night it wasn’t always easy to see the bucket as half of it was in shadow.  Several small weld repairs have also been undertaken on our small tent frames.

To help display the books on the sales cart better a new set of shelves are being made and fitted.  The nuts and threaded ends on the green Palvan and toilet van have been primed and given a couple of coats of undercoat.

Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend with a steady stream of visitors , helped no doubt, by the good weather.

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