13th/14th November 2021

The work digging in the fibre cable continues, both midweek and weekend.  We are now close to the No Sheep Hut, near 14¾mp.  The digger has also successfully passed its annual insurance exam.  Although the digger is cutting the trench, it still needs Wombles on foot to carefully install the fibre cable and then partially backfill the trench before installing the marker tape.

At the Station, all 4 Palvan doors have been fitted.  Not surprisingly they all needed a certain amount of adjustment to allow them to fit exactly.  Each door is bolted to the steel framing with 40 M10 110mm bolts.  We haven’t got all the bolts in yet!  On the west side, most of the underframe has been wire wheeled clean in readiness for repainting.

The sorting of the sheds continues and there is a rumour that the floor can now be seen in No.3!  The gardening has still not stopped, the vegetable beds have been dug over and both platforms are now completed – with the bedding plants cut back and the roses pruned and tied back for the winter.

Weighbridge Teas were on site today undertaking a thorough clean and tidy up of the building.

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