20th, 21st November 2021

After a dry and mild day on Saturday, today has been cold with frequent hail showers turning everything white!

All the bolts have been fitted to the four Palvan doors, following a day of drilling with a lot of drill bit sharpening.  The door edges have all been painted up to the gloss level.  The west side of the underframe has been wire wheeled clean and given a first coat of green primer.

Elsewhere the cast iron gate posts and gate has been given a further coat of green paint.  All the platform benches have been placed, back to back, in pairs, and then sheeted down to protect them through the winter.  At the same time the litter bins have been brought under cover for the same reason. The gardening tidy up has also continued and an old bird box has been cleaned out, repaired and put back up, ready for spring!  The 3 and 5 hut sort out continues….

Further into Newtondale, the fibre cable dig in continues, with the cable now buried up to the second joint box at the 15 mile post.  Strimming and trimming of trees and scrub has continued as and when required as we move along the railway.  We then moved further north to Newtondale Halt and have begun flailing back towards Kidstye and bridge 18, where we finished burying the cable last July.  Hopefully we will get it dug in to Newtondale Halt this week.

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