6th, 7th November 2021

We hope you had a good bang over the weekend – you can’t beat a bonfire and fireworks.  We went to a local hog roast and firework display on Saturday evening which, apart from the strong wind, which blew the smoke everywhere, was very enjoyable.

The passenger trains have now finished until the Santas at Christmas.  Engineering trains and Freight continues to run through the possession as and when required.  Indeed the GW Mink wagon was collected by one such train from here on Thursday, and dispatched to Carriage and Wagon at Pickering in readiness for a new roof canvas being fitted.

At the Station, the black Palvan has been shunted from its siding to alongside the down platform.  This has made the job of painting the door steelwork easier, with a scaffolding tower in the 6’ to do the west side.  The wind did its best to blow off the marquee sheet which was over it, so it has been re-adjusted and tied more firmly down now.

We have started the big dig of the fibre cable between here and Goathland.  The first half mile has been dug in and the lineside left neat and tidy.  We have been working carefully over and around bridge 16 as we know there is a BT duct running along the lineside as well.  There is still plenty more to do next week.

The tidying and sort out of sheds 3 and 5 continues…..

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