11th, 12th December 2021

Further fibre cable has been dug in near the 14MP, widening the roadway at this tight spot.  The 14¼MP and the adjacent gradient board have been moved back slightly to keep the roadway clear.

Just south of the 16MP PW hut the lineside ditch has been cleaned out of scrub and raked clear, so it flows well.  North of the PW hut, a lot of scrub has been cut clear of lineside and fence lines across the deep ditch.  There is quite a bit to burn here later.  A stream off the nearby land which runs into the lineside ditch has been raked clear, along with the culvert entrance under the track.  We saw Rudolph (the Q6) pass by several times with the Grosmont Santa train, supported by the Class 37 on the rear.

More fibre was dug in during the week from the 16MP towards the 16¼MP, including recutting a tight lineside ditch against the retaining wall.

Back at the Station, the 16MP and 16¼MPs have been wire wheeled clean and given a first coat of primer in the General Room.  More leaf and garden tidying up has continued, as has the shed sorting.

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