18th, 19th December 2021

The ‘big dig’ has continued this week, with the cable now buried to just short of the 16½ mile post.  The big lineside ditch on the west side, back towards the 16MP, has been cleaned out to reduce the level of the standing water in this area.  This has made the cutting of the last of the scrub near the 16¼MP a lot easier.  From here to the 16½MP has now had all the scrub and leaning trees cleared from around the fence line on the West side, a simple sentence that doesn’t do justice to all the work involved.  A start has been made on the East side but there is another couple of days work here before it’s all sorted.  The culvert near the 16 1/3rd marker has had large trees cleared from both the inlet and outlet headwalls, allowing the stream to flow much easier.  There are now quite a few logs to collect from this last corner before the straight in Northdale begins.  There is also quite a bit of scrub to burn, when the weather dries up!

Back at the Station, the shed tidying up/sort out and general roadside leaf clearing has continued.  The stores at the back of the Yard have been de-weeded and bark laid to allow an easy access route through the area.  In the winter paint shop, AKA the General Room, another 2 coats of paint have been applied to the mileposts and the metal gate has received its first top coat of green gloss.

We will finish by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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