4th, 5th December 2021

The land around the 16MP PW hut has been levelled and the blocked ditch has been cleared out, along with a second nearby, allowing water to drain away rather than pooling on the lineside.  Several tree roots have been dug out of the ditches and scrub elsewhere has been cut back.  More work is needed here, once the quagmire has dried out a bit.  The next quarter mile section has been strimmed ready for digging in the cable this week.

Further south, a pine tree has been cleared from the lineside.  This tree has been temporarily re-erected outside the cottage at the Station and decorated with lights and baubles!  ‘Albert’, the pine tree opposite the signal box, has also been decorated for the season.  Scaffolding was needed to decorate both trees!

The shed reorganisation is continuing, before long none of us will be able to find anything!  Lots of leaves have been cleared from the roadside and yard entrance, clearing drainways and keeping the site looking smart.

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