9th January 2022

Brr, it’s been a cold and frosty weekend!

Nearly all the Christmas lights have now been taken down at the Station.  Our Christmas tree has been cut up and the main trunk has been earmarked as a new ridge pole on Alex’s den, whilst the branches will be used for lighting our site fires.

At the Station, clearing of the vegetable patch and lineside ditches has continued.  A new site, in a better position, has been identified for the compost bins and work has started to rebuild them.  In the kitchen, thanks to a donation of oranges, a large batch of marmalade has been made to keep the Wombles well fuelled.  The mileposts have had a second undercoat and a first coat of gloss applied.

In Northdale, scrub blocking the sight lines at the public footpath has been cleared and stacked ready for disposal.  At the road access point, the fibre cable has been laid past the site and the lineside ditch cleared where brash and roots had again blocked it.  The access gate post has been repositioned and a replacement clapping post has been brought to site (the existing post is rotten).  Willow trees have been cut down where they have blocked a culvert exit, with the logs recovered and the brash stacked waiting for disposal.  The works necessary for the next ¾ mile have been agreed with the fire patrol representative and lineside conservation manager.

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