27th February 2022

We’ve had another dry weekend, albeit a bit chilly with frosts each morning.

The Wagon Group’s Palvan has had the black gloss applied to the east side underframe, whilst both buffer plates on each end have been wire wheeled clean, primed and undercoated.  The west side doors have had the closing mechanisms fitted, whilst on the East side the top bolt plate has been installed and bolted into position.

Our rewheeled NER van is spalling paintwork off the old wood (the new woodwork is fine!), so a start has been made on scraping it to allow all the wood to ‘breathe’ and dry out further.

The 5 large concrete planters between the Yard and the picnic benches have had their bushes pulled/cut/forced out as they were too big and pot bound.  The old soil has been riddled and put back, along with a lot of new compost from our heaps.  Compost has also been put on our rhubarb beds and the Up platform bed where required.

A start has been made on fixing the cladding boards to the front of container in the Yard.  The mini digger is back in its shed for the week following the repairs to one of the tracks.  With the tidying up of the inside of the digger there is just the seat to reinstate, once it comes back from the upholsters.

A check has been made of the stream culverts at the level crossing and in the paddock, removing large amounts of branches and logs, which had been washed down last weekend.  The paddock culvert still requires one of the pipes (there are 3) unblocking.  More to do next weekend. The down platform wicket gate has collapsed this week, whether due to wind or accidental damage is uncertain, but a new one will now be needed.

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