5th, 6th February 2022

A dry Saturday preceded rain, hail and occasional snow showers on Sunday lunchtime.

The trailer has had the steel side panel sheets rivetted into place and the timber flooring completed.  The digger has had the seat removed to allow the panel behind to be repainted and whilst the seat is out we are arranging for it to be recovered.  Minor welding repairs have also been done to the track frame.

In the toilet van, a new cupboard has been built in the disabled cubicle.  This will house a plinth heater in the bottom and then spare toilet rolls, cleaning materials, etc., inside.  Alongside this, and hidden behind the door, is a full height cupboard to house the mop and bucket.  The old damaged non slip flooring has been removed, as has the rest of the plumbing and toilet fittings, to allow the new non slip flooring – when it comes – to be installed.

The mileposts in the General Room now have their numbers and letters highlighted in black.  On the east side of the brown Palvan, the door metalwork has been fitted to close them up correctly.  The new compost heap framing has been completed.  Sorting of the stores continues.

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