27th March 2022

Well, what a cracking week of weather we have had!

The last of the winter fibre cable installation has been completed near the 14MP.  Once the marker tape was laid, the trench was backfilled and the area levelled so it was neat and tidy.  Just a quarter of a mile further north, the lineside access has been titivated to improve the cross level (it was too steep) and to remove a couple of ‘speed humps’.

It was then time to move the machine to Newtondale Halt and complete the backfilling and tidying up there.  Working steadily northwards, the trench backfill was completed and the lineside access levelled across to the lineside ditch.  At the concrete PW hut the area in front of it has been levelled and left neat and tidy.  Beyond this the next ¾ of a mile only needed a ‘light touch’ to finish it all off.  With the machines out of the way the repainted cast iron mileposts have been reinstated, as have the repainted speed restriction sign and gradient board.  The last of the logs and rotten sleepers, left over from a much earlier relay, have been recovered to leave a neat and tidy lineside.

Back at the Station, it’s been painting to the fore.  The NER box van has had the last of the bodyside wire wheeled clean and then lots and lots of paint applied – 1 primer, 3 undercoats, and 2 top coats.  The Wagon Group Palvan has had its wheels cleaned and primed.  Our VEA box van has had cracked paint removed, then been sanded, primed, and undercoated.

The correct timber has finally been delivered to allow us to make the new wicket gate for the level crossing.  Again this involved lots of sanding, priming, 2 under coats and then 2 top coats have brought it up to a good state.  Next weekend it should be ready for installation.

A bonfire has disposed of more garden rubbish and branches pruned around the Station.

One of our gardeners was here again, undertaking minor weeding and sorting out of the platform beds.  As predicted last week, the garden edging and concrete planters have all been cleaned down and given a coat of white paint – the Station is looking rather good for the start of the season!  On the container front, the new small door has been painted and fixed into place.  Further timber has been fitted to support the front roof sheets, which have also been painted – this time in bitumastic paint.  The main planks for the large door have also received their top coat – Rail Red.

Weighbridge Teas were here for the final tidy up and sorting out ready for re-opening NEXT WEEKEND.

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