10th April 2022

A hard frost each morning has preceded two lovely sunny days.

The NER van has had its second top coat applied on the west side, whilst the north end has received two coats of undercoat.  The east side has been sanded down, primed where necessary and then given a couple of coats of undercoat.  The Palvan has had its wheelsets painted black.

The wicket gate has had its paint touched up, so it is nearly finished.

In the Yard the front roof panels have been screwed into place on the container, whilst the JVs have been repainting the trackside paling fencing.  They have also been busy fitting ply sheets to a panel of wire fencing to help screen the fuel tank, lopping scrub alongside the wagons in the north siding, and tidying up scrub alongside the paddock.  The ballast between the fence and the siding has also had the weeds removed before they get any bigger.

Today was also the Induction Day for the new Junior Volunteers, with briefings and presentations for them and their carers.

Weighbridge Teas have re-opened for the season and have been kept busy all weekend with visitors wanting to sample their wares.  Ice creams were very popular this afternoon!

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