24th April 2022

After a warm week the temperature seemed to drop rapidly over the weekend, but at least it kept dry.

The return of steam locos in the spring, after a 2 year absence due to COVID, has also brought back the problems of lineside fires.  We have been out several times this week to deal with small fires before being called out to deal with a pair of large fires; the former we deal with ourselves whilst the latter needed the support of the fire services and local gamekeepers.

The repaint of the VEA continues, with the west side now fully repainted in Railfreight Grey.  The east side wall panels have been similarly repainted, with minor wood filling as necessary to improve the surface finish.  The east side doors are fairly rotten, so the first has been removed and new hardwood framing inserted to make it good again.  The ply facing sheet is beyond repair and will be replaced.  The plain black tarpaulin on our LNER High Goods open wagon E282028 has had the NE lettering applied to it, along with the wagon number.

After dealing with the fires several of the fire beaters required repair, so these – plus several spare beater heads – have had new shafts made in readiness for the next call out.  A new floor was also fitted to the Weighbridge stores trolley, which had been damaged a week earlier.

The 5 concrete LNER planters have been replanted with new bushes and flowers, brightening up the entrance area.  In our vegetable patch, work continues to prepare the ground and tidy up after a couple of years of growing fallow.  Weeding and planting of the platform beds continues.

Weighbridge Teas did well on Saturday, but Sunday was a lot quieter – perhaps because it is the end of the Easter holiday break.

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