3rd April 2022

Brr, it’s cold!  After the glorious weather last week, it’s been back to snow showers this weekend.

The NER van has had the two top coats applied to the west side, whilst the north end has had the loose paint cleaned off and given a good coat of aluminium primer and its first undercoat.  The Palvan has had its wheels given a couple of coats of undercoat, whilst the buffer beams have been given a second coat of black gloss.  The planking for the large door for the timber clad container has been given a second top coat.

In the paddock the small timber manhole cover, which was going rotten, has been replaced with new timber.  The picnic benches have also come out of winter store and are back in the paddock ready for use.  On the platforms, the benches have been uncovered and are ready for the new season of visitors use.

The new wicket gate has been given a second top coat, and then hung in position at the level crossing.  The “Shut This Gate” signs have been screwed into place.

The Junior Volunteers have been with us again, helping with a lot of the tasks above plus the following: sanding and teak oiling the 3 park benches; sanding and fence painting the litter bins, planter covers and the fence next to the disabled toilet van; emptying, vacuuming and mopping the General Room; emptying the Exhibition Warehouse ready for reopening; and finally moving new fence rails into their lineside store ready for when they are needed.

We’ve seen a bit of movement on the rails this weekend. A ballast train and tamper came through on Saturday, working towards Goathland to finish bridges 24 and 25.  They returned in the dark at 22:15 once the job was complete.  We had the class 37 diesel and 5428 Eric Treacy through the Station on Sunday, to ready the railway for the return of passenger trains tomorrow.

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