15th May 2022

We’ve had another glorious weekend of weather at the Station.

The woodwork van has received two further undercoats and its first topcoat of BR early bauxite livery, whilst the NER van has received 3 undercoats and its first topcoat of NER grey.  Both only now need their second topcoat and then they can be re-lettered.  Scaffolding has been erected at one end of the black tank wagon in readiness for its repainting.

Weeding along the platform beds continues, as does the grass cutting.  Weeding has also continued around the weigh table setts at the Yard entrance.

On the container the second window has been fitted, with just the main ‘doors’ to follow.

There have been no locos to fix this weekend, but the DMU did need our services to re fix a door trim which had come loose.  We also supported the Fire Watch teams with additional labour on Saturday as they were short handed.

Work on the toilet van continues, with the new water supply pipe dug in from the manhole to the van and then up inside.  This exposed pipe has been lagged and contained within a short length of black duct to protect it from frost.  A first topcoat has been applied to some of the architrave and skirting boards.

Meanwhile, after changing the fuel filters the dumper truck has, after much trying, restarted and is now running again.  With the fuel side sorted, it was time to take off the exhaust to weld up a few minor pin holes.

Weighbridge Teas had another couple of steady days, with ice creams being again popular thanks to the hot weather.

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