22nd May 2022

The sun continues to shine on the Station each weekend.

The woodwork and NER vans have both received their second top coats.  The metalwork taken off the VEA has been cleaned down and given a coat of primer.  There is just the lettering to re-do on the first two vans.

The first of the two tanker wagons has had the top half of the barrel wire wheeled, the bare metal patch primed and then it was all given a coat of grey undercoat.  The lower halves of the barrels are hopefully in a good enough condition and won’t need much, if any, work on them.

Inside the disabled toilet van, the incoming plumbing has been connected to the mains water supply.  A lot of time was then spent checking all the copper joints inside to make sure they were water-tight.  One or two were also found to be only hand tight, so they needed a good tightening up.

The paling cover strips have been completed on the container front.  The exhaust of the dumper has been repaired and welded.

Grass cutting and weeding continues around the whole Station.  Strimming and cutting has been undertaken along the lineside north of the level crossing to tidy up the cesses. The gardens continue to produce rhubarb at an astonishing rate!

A large batch of our Station Brief History booklets have been despatched for sale in all the railway shops.

Weighbridge Teas had another steady weekend. 

Get Well Soon to Malcolm and Michael, who have both been in hospital for minor ops this week.

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